I realize that my real eyes saw a lot of shit. And I am a bit sarcastic since a while.

I am not a writer. I am going to be a writer. You will see as you go through my words that I am  handicapped when it comes to use the English language, because I am german. Yes it’s alright you can make jokes about my nationality. I will make jokes about your disability to reflect your thoughts. This is a nerd blog. An introvert nerd blog. No lifestyle bla bla.

Don’t take it too seriously because laughing about things is the best way to deal with life. People think that I am a serious person, but they know nothing about me. They only know what they wish to know. And that’s perfect. I can play my role and they play their role.

I don’t write this blog for anyone. This time I will not present what I do to you on a silver plate. This is mine. I don’t care what society or my friends or my family thinks about it.  This seems already like a blog from a negative mind. A total jerk.

But I’m done with thinking what you might find funny, or interesting.. I am not fishing for compliments here.

This is me – real – without makeup






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